Fondazione Rui Residenze Universitarie Internazionali
Fondazione Rui Residenze Universitarie Internazionali


Living the residence broadens your horizons

Living within Rui Halls is highly educational, not least of all because of the international and multicultural character of the residences, where the very nature of communal living is enriching in itself. The experience in our residences focuses on both the individual and the group, aiming at the overall growth of our students as part of a coherent and structured educational program. This program takes into serious consideration the future challenges awaiting any university student.

Every year, we offer an educational program in residence that offers integrative university preparation and aims at turning young students into authentic people.

JUMP (Job-University Matching Project) is at the heart of our educational program; in addition to it, there are many proposals for a 360° experience aimed to focus on the personal and professional future of each one: click here to find out more.

Design your future with JUMP

JUMP: Job University Matching Project

JUMP is our interdisciplinary educational project, active in all residences. JUMP integrates academic knowledge with practical professional knowledge to prepare students to enter the workforce.

Under the guidance of high-profile professionals, students take part in concrete case studies in an intensive learning environment to develop three main areas: soft skills, interdisciplinary studies, and theme-based modules.

Each year, we involve around 100 speakers from all over Italy, for a total of 1000 hours of teaching catered to over 450 students. This project is sponsored by Politecnico Milano and by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, the latter accepting these hours as CFUs (University Education Credits).

Tutoring and coaching

A senior resident accompanies a freshman on their university path, helping them to better face the challenges of college life: this is what tutoring really means. With the assistance of older students in their department, younger residents will find support in time management, understanding course material, and preparing for their exams.

Moreover Fondazione Rui, together with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, developed an evaluation matrix based on the six virtues and character strengths identified by American psychologist Martin Seligman, thus offering a truly effective competencies map. This precious tool – which includes a questionnaire of self and outside evaluation, an exit interview to discuss the evaluation and an observation grid – is of great help to students to understand and build their lives.

tutoring rui
Residenti Torrescalla alla Geico Taikisha

Job orientation
and mentoring

Promoted by our Alumni Association, our mentoring project is a growth path based on the relationship between two people. It is characterized by profound learning and is individually tailored to each student.
It couples a senior professional with extensive experience and professional prestige with a student in their fourth of fifth year.

A fundamental aspect of mentoring is having a guide, a counselor and a support person to discover and develop actual and potential strengths.

This mentor/mentee relationship fosters professional and personal growth, allowing one to learn from other people’s experience, abilities and wisdom.

Get-togethers with professionals

Life in our residences is full of informal gatherings contributing to overall human growth. There are frequent meetings with high profile professionals who often come by the residences for dinner or for get-togethers. By conversing with our residents in a spirit of mutual growth and enrichment, they form meaningful bonds that will last for the students’ whole professional lives.

Foto di gruppo durante il volontariato - Capodifaro

Solidarity and volunteering

Students can be actively involved in the life of their residence by doing small assignments that will render the whole residence experience more pleasant for everyone and foster a sense of teamwork.

Moreover, they can become tutors or coaches, and those who want can volunteer for activities we promote both in local and international contexts.

VIDEOS: Volunteering in Tanzania and Nicaragua

... and so much more!

Residence life is much more: from outdoor kick-off conventions and summer schools to international experiences, from film club evenings to trips, visits to museums, soccer and volleyball tournaments.

Every circumstance is an opportunity for growth in a family environment, in which to commit oneself to build one’s future and dream big, but also to have fun and create bonds that will last forever.

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