Fondazione Rui Residenze Universitarie Internazionali
Fondazione Rui Residenze Universitarie Internazionali



The RUI Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors and a President who is elected among the members of the Board itself (art. 5 and 10 of the Statute). The Board of Directors, with a maximum number of 9 members, has a three-year mandate, after which one-third of the oldest members are substituted by other Founders designated by the majority of the outgoing Board of Directors. The Board members and the President exercise their duties for free. The Board of Directors is in charge of all the ordinary and extraordinary administrative duties, ensures the efficiency and the functioning of the Foundation and prepares the revenues reports. The President is the legal representative for the Foundation.

The treasury is deferred to a Collegium with three accountants appointed every three years, respectively, by the Board of Directors, the President and the oldest Board member. All the accountants are legally recognized and registered in the ex D.Lgs. 29/2010.

The President of the RUI Foundation is Professor Giuseppe Ghini.

The General Director of the RUI Foundation is Engineer Francesca Travaglini.

Residenti promuovono la Fondazione in Cattolica

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee, composed of 10 professors from various Italian universities, together with the Board of Directors, creates the guidelines for cultural and educational initiatives, and approves their content.

The members of the Committee facilitate relationships with universities in the cities where residences are located, prepare conferences on topics of interest to the Foundation, and foster innovative educational programs and cultural debate, helping to increase the cultural leadership of the RUI Foundation.

Governance and scientific committee for innovation and debate in the Rui Foundation Residences