Fondazione Rui Residenze Universitarie Internazionali
Fondazione Rui Residenze Universitarie Internazionali


What you’ll find
in your residence

The Rui residences offer high-quality living spaces with various housing arrangements:

  • a residence with single or triple rooms and full board;
  • or a “Cloud” residence following a diffused model consisting of apartments connected to a main residence location.

All our residences have communal spaces to study or relax, and they are designed with the needs of a student away from home in mind.

Here you can find: study rooms, libraries, auditoriums, computer labs, WIFI, gyms, small rooms for study groups and projects, living and dining rooms, and many areas to chat, have a laugh and grow together.

Every residence has its own character, but they all share the same guiding principle: attention to detail, so that you can truly feel at home.

Our housing arrangements go hand in hand with the integrative educational programs that make our approach to college living special.

Visit the pages dedicated to each residence and get to know our locations.

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Much more than a student residence or apartment for rent: Rome, Bologna, Trieste, Genoa, Milan