Fondazione Rui Residenze Universitarie Internazionali
Fondazione Rui Residenze Universitarie Internazionali

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Every year, the RUI residences host over 400 university students, of which more than 80% receives financial aid. The RUI Foundation created a fund “Collegi Universitari della Fondazione RUI” (“RUI Foundation Italian Colleges”) with the Federazione Italiana per il Dono ONLUS (Italian Federation for Donations to Non-profit Organizations of Social Benefit). Donations sent here will be used to

To donate, wire money to our bank account “Fondazione Italia per il dono onlus” at Allianza Bank F.A.

IBAN: IT62J0358901600010570449757


Reason for transfer: Donazione liberale Fondo Collegi Universitari della Fondazione RUI per disponibilità (free donation for the fund for university colleges at the RUI Foundation).

All donations to our fund “Collegi Universitari della Fondazione RUI” at Fondazione Italia per il Dono ONLUS are deductible. To deduct this donation, you need to include in your income tax return a copy of the bank documents attesting the donation (and possibly a receipt from the Fondazione Italia per il Dono ONLUS). You can request a receipt by writing to with your name, last name, codice fiscale, and address. Read more here:

Residenti promuovono la Fondazione in Cattolica


The RUI Foundation is a nonprofit institution. All who share its educational goals can contribute so that a growing number of students can live our university experience. Your donations will contribute to financial aid that will give university students of merit without sufficient economic means the opportunity to live in one of our residences.

To make a donation via bank wire: The RUI Foundation has a bank account at Banca Intesa San Paolo, IBAN: IT33H0306909606100000119173.

Contributions to the RUI Foundations are deductible only by natural persons having the status of entrepreneur as well as by partnerships and corporations, pursuant article 100 co. 2 lettera a) of D.P.R. n. 917/1986, for an amount not greater than 2% of the firm’s corporate income. Conversely, contributions from natural persons who are not entrepreneurs are not deductible.

Participate with a donation to the fund for scholarships recognized in the Rui Residences