Fondazione Rui Residenze Universitarie Internazionali
Fondazione Rui Residenze Universitarie Internazionali

About us

The mission
of RUI residences

Our 12 university residences offer high-standard room and board service designed to foster our students’ talents.

Our mission is to promote each student’s potential during their university years to fully prepare them for the workforce.

We contribute to the professional and, above all, personal education of those who will leave a mark on the world–passionate people who believe in their fellow human beings and the importance of friendship.

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A dream of
Saint Josemaría

Our RUI Foundation residences were developed in the 1950s and inspired by Saint Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei, a Catholic Church institution.

In our residences we promote a climate of cooperation based on freedom and respect; participation in religious activities is a personal choice.


Our residences are a home because of who lives there.

Our Management Team, the people in charge of services and, most of all, our students collaborate to make this a “home away from home.”

Our communal spaces are designed to be places to meet and study. Our staff pays attention to every detail, creating a warm, family environment.

Living together means creating long-lasting bonds, supporting each other in difficult times, sharing moments of happiness and having fun together. This is what creates bonds that will last forever.

Thanks to our Alumni Association, there are thousands of former residents who keep the bond alive with our residences and with those who share their experience.

Team Direzione

Management Team

Our Management Team, who live in the residence and undergo continual training, perform their duties as guides with professionalism and engagement.

Because they live side-by-side with the residents, the team gets to know students personally, supporting and helping them overcome the challenges of living away from home.

Each student’s personal growth is tailored to their educational path, always on a one-on-one basis.

The relationship between residents and the Management Team is one of mutual trust and open dialogue. These are the strengths of our residence life.

The RUI Foundation ensures the professionalism of our team, offering annual upgrade courses in education to assist them in overcoming new educational challenges. Here, we facilitate both individual growth and interactive educational opportunities to study with high level professionals.

Administration Team

Our residences are first and foremost your home.

The professional approach and the care we dedicate to meal preparation, area hygiene and laundry services are but a few of the things that will make you feel at home. All of this is in the hands of a specialized team we call the Administrative Team

You will be able to live your student life to its fullest thanks to the constant, dedicated and discreet background operations of the Administrative Team.

Residents collaborate with our team by paying attention to little things, like respecting cleaning hours, leaving tidy areas and helping with a few chores.

These are all things that contribute to a unique environment: your home away from home!

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