Our goal is to help University students to express their full potential, to be excellent graduates and people inspired to high values: two qualities that are going to help them establish their credibility in their future professional life.

The Rui Foundation achieves this aim through its halls of residence, through University policy initiatives, studies and research projects about the world of Italian and international education.

Established in Rome on 6th of May 1959 and recognised as legal entity with Presidential Decree n. 932 of 16th of September 1959, the Rui Foundation promotes its educational commitment both independently and in collaboration with administrations and national institutions (Ministries, Regions, Local Authorities), as well as with international institutions such as the Council of Europe and the European Commission. The Rui Foundation is part of the Permanent Conference of University Colleges of Merit legally recognised by the Italian Ministry of the University.

The halls of residence of the Rui Foundation offer a high-quality accommodation for commuting students and a study-friendly environment: two crucial factors for the students’ cultural and human growth and to prepare them to face the challenges of the job market. The halls of residence are places where the academic culture thrives and it is offered to the young people of the city, through the organization of public conferences, seminars, educational activities carried out in collaboration with Universities. The international dimension is one of the distinguishing features of the halls of residence, which encourage dialogue and exchange of ideas between students from all over the world: as a matter of fact, the Foundation's name comes from the acronym for "Residenze Universitarie Internazionali" (International University Residences), which identifies the halls of residence established by the Foundation.   

Fondazione Rui's President is Professor Giuseppe Ghini.

Fondazione Rui's Director is Francesca Travaglini.

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