University Coaching

Coaching can be defined as the support provided to the individual to develop their personal potential and to overcome their resistance to change. Many students still perceive this approach as innovative, since at school they are used to focusing on learning a concepts rather than on the definition of objectives and on the analysis of their personal motivations.

The academic coaching experience that takes place in the halls of residence has been described in a book published by the Research Department of the Rui Foundation (Il coaching universitario per competenze), where the main features of this type of coaching are analyzed. It is a tailored program aimed at developing skills starting from self-assessment.

Coaching is a service targeted at each student, which helps them to plan and to identify their path towards personal and professional growth. The coach helps students, who are about to access university, and gives them useful directions to enhance their human and professional talents and, at a second stage, introduces them to the dynamics of the labour market.

The factor that facilitates the creation of a particular harmony between the coaching and students’ sensitivity is the fact that it is path of change that leaves the students’ freedom untouched: the coachee must not achieve a predefined set of goals in a prescribed way; on the contrary, it’s the students themselves that identify both the objectives and the useful resources towards change, while the coach only supports them in this process.

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